Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you interested in recieving training for Skid Steer Loaders? Me neither.

Tip of the Day: Never read someone else's blog prior to writing in your own.

I read three. One was very spiritual, one very motivational, and one very funny. Reading these was a mistake, because I both felt compelled to write in my own, and felt inadequate as to the material it is possible for me to provide. I didn't have any spiritual insights today, I don't have any inspiring words to offer, and nothing humorous comes to mind. I am thus consigned to the tedious monotony of describing my day. Which, to sum up, consisted of mindless information about such things as CNA Cycle File Inspection Process and proper lifting procedure.

You see, I started work today. Basically, what my job entails is the following: A client (typically an employer) needs an online training course to be created for his or her employees. We meet with the client and the specified "content expert" (for example, if we're making a course on tree planting for grounds crew the content expert could be the person in charge of correctly planting trees), develop and record a script,  create a visual presentation to illustrate and highlight important points, and post the completed training module online.

My online training, however, consisted of watching about 20 previously constructed online training modules, few of which had anything to do with my particular job and many of which were upwards of twenty minutes long. On the plus side, I now know more than I thought I ever would about asbestos, and I am certified to begin on-the-site training for BYU flower bed design, just in case I ever in my life need on-the-site training for BYU flower bed design.

Not likely.

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  1. You'll never know when you might actually need that skid steer training but then again, you could be doing other more important things aside from that.