Sunday, January 23, 2011


Isn't it amazing how music can dramatically impact your mood? Certain songs can calm you down, make you forget what you were worrying about. Think Enya, or "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. Or sometimes, you find songs that become a sort of personal anthem, and make you feel like you can do anything.

And sometimes you get a song you hate stuck in your head, which can send you into a fit of borderline-homicidal rage.

Remember "Smile," by Uncle Kracker? Played incessantly on the Top 40 station over the summer? The one that goes, "You make me smile like the sun / Fall out of bed / Sing like a bird / Dizzy in my head?" I hate that song, largely for the same reason that I'm not particularly fond of "Mamma Mia!", or Fruity Pebbles: Overcompensation for lack of talent, plot, and/or flavor by adding too much sugar.

In other news, hey look I made a blog. I'm really just jumping on the bandwagon here, as one of my friends recently deleted her facebook account and replaced it with a blog. Although I have too little self-control to delete my facebook (which should actually be all the more reason to delete it), blogs are fun. And so here I am.

I may or may not write regularly, but that's okay because really, what is a blog but nonsense thrown into cyberspace and ignored?

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