Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apartment: Kitchen.

I love my apartment. It's really cute, and very affordable, and my roommates are fantastic. The kitchen in my apartment isn't particularly special, but I love it, because it is a kitchen. It looks something like this:

The main difference is that this picture has the wrong number of cupboards, and the third dimension isn't even trying. I call this style Neo-Cubist Crapism. Regardless, I love my kitchen. It is adorable, as is the rest of my apartment. However, when it arrived, the kitchen was uncluttered, but dirty in the literal sense of the word. As you probably know, if you are reading this, I am really really disorganized when it comes to my own bedroom, because I don't really care, although I should. However, when it comes to the kitchen, I can be a bit neurotic. I've been cleaning it for two days, and it still isn't how I want it to be. Then again, I feel like I've perceived everything as being significantly worse than it actually was.

Take, for example, the microwave. Realistically speaking, it looked something like this:

On the nasty side, but no worse than the one in the vending machine room at Chipman Hall. However, probably because this microwave was in an actual kitchen, my brain processed it as this:

It was terrifying. I was absolutely positive that even putting something in the microwave would cause Ebola upon its consumption. I washed it thoroughly, and proceeded to do the same to everything else in the kitchen.

Admittedly, some of the things in the kitchen were dirty such that reality and my imagination were on the same page. For example, I had to scrape gunk out of the creases of the cupboard doors with a knife, because paper towels wouldn't cut it (literally). It was revolting.

However, soon I was able to clean it to a point where I could cook in it comfortably. The problem is that, having gone through cooking withdrawal while living in the dorms, all I want to do now is cook. Yesterday, for example, I baked bread, and today I baked two batches of cookies. If this keeps up, I give it a month until I look like this:

I'm not far off.

The moral of the story, however, is that I very much love having a kitchen, now that it's clean(er) and I love being able to cook, even if I should try to exercise a little more restraint. If you're in Provo, feel free to drop by. Chances are there will be plenty to eat.


  1. those pictures are adorable. hahaha even the scary ones. your talent is just... AWEsome!

  2. BAHAHAHA NoNo, you're fanTAStic! I agree with KLC, the pictures are absolutely some of the most adorable I've ever seen! The little green monster is so cute!! I want one!! Also, you're hilarious: "Neo-Cubist Crapism" is probably the second funniest thing I've heard in my life. No joke.